ElonTech (ETCH) — Cryptocurrency- People’s Money Digitalised

3 min readApr 27, 2021


ElonTech Logo Concept.

To avoid the idea of cryptocurrency in today’s world is like neglecting the concept and growth of the internet back in the 90s. Cryptocurrency is the digitized finance tool that has served as a milestone on the road to global trade where everyone can be involved. Cryptocurrency holds enormous advantages over a mechanism that digitize our money. It ensures ownership as cryptocurrency cannot bound by any entity like our debit or credit cards, and we have unlimited access to our currency.

Cryptocurrency confirms identity protection and can be sent to any recipient without requiring confidential details other than the amount need to transfer. There is a low or zero core transaction fee as miners have rewarded cryptocurrency from virtual mining. No bank or line of credit is required to make payments electronically, so accessibility is easy for billions of people worldwide.

Cryptocurrency is risk-free for sellers as payments cannot reverse, and the blockchain reduces the chances of getting defrauded. Hence, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency has become a well-liked digital finance tool in a brief time.

Specifications and Goals

ElonTech is a revolutionary modernized project emerging to provide privileges to the underdeveloped and developing countries to link up with the BlockChain notion and digitize techniques based on the Silicon Valley key concepts. The goal is to inculcate a footprint in the IT Industry dealing with big data and crypto with massive aid from the prodigious community, emphasizing the underdeveloped countries.

ElonTech will offer 100T coins with IDO and ICO concepts via leading platforms in the crypto market in the initial distribution phase. Advanced automated formulas will focus on data science and engineering to lessen the gaps in the IT sector.


The first Launch of ElonTech is scheduled for 1st May 2021 on DxSale. ICO launching will take place on 10th May 2021 on platforms like Pancake Swap. ElonTech will target improving connectivity with the world`s leading IT companies.

Token Distribution

Based on the Tokonomics concept, 5% of coins will burn, and 5% of coins will distribute as a reward for every transaction. A monthly holder reward forum is also planned.

The co-founder also consumes 15% percent token for managing the project and 15% for R&D.

5% will be utilized by the marketing and working team, and 1% for bounties, and bonuses.

54% tokens are bound to remain with the ElonTech community. 50% of tokens will be burnt in phases including the management tokens.

ElonTech believes in the no-ownership concepts to protect further modifications in the code. It plans to renounce its ownership on 30th May 2021.

Token security is audited by a reputable company “TechRate”.

Planning First Tech Valley

The rewarding propaganda of ElonTech, where 5% of the coins will be given to the holders makes ElonTech stand out from all other crypto businesses in the global crypto market.

ElonTech will consult with international agencies for the feasibility report of building the first Tech valley in the most needed place on the planet. This plan is confirmed for Q4 of 2021 and subsequently, the project development will start in the first quarter of 2022.

YouTube, Amazon, Apple, and Alibaba partnerships have been set to priority to ensure that ETCH emerges as a leading IT valley infrastructure, providing ease to the valley users. ETCH will also be available on regional and international crypto trading platforms in the upcoming days.